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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesdays From The Terrarium

A "plog" (pic blog) light-hearted look in to the world of reptilian ownership, love and companionship.

Our Bearded Dragon can be a real character at times. Now, Gobi has come to "know" his meal times and knows what certain food containers look like. Especially the "margarita" shaker I use to coat the crickets with D3 Calcium Supplement Powder.

Gobi goes NUTS! Yesterday, the dude actually JUMPED (more like flew) off his perch under his basking light, and hit face-first in to the tank glass to get to the crickets. All the while, pacing back and forth in longing wait to get his grub on.

As of yesterday, Gobi now is getting collard greens in his veggie mix. We have yet to see how he likes it, being the little bugger skipped his veggie meal last night.

As promised last week, I'll have pictures below of what Gobi eats and of his new living quarters.

Ready? Here we go...

                        (Setting up to fix Gobi's veggies mixture.)

       (He loves sweet potatoes. And carrots. He's also big on the leafy greens.)

          (This looks so good, there are times that I want to eat the stuff!)

And here is Gobi's new penthouse suite. Believe me, he has really gotten more personality and more of a liveliness about him since moving him from his cramped little ten gallon tank, in to his massive 40 gallon.

    (This is Gobi's old tank. He was getting so cramped up. And he wasn't very happy.)

        (Gobi's new palace. He can live in this one for the rest of his days.)

                                          (He's one happy dragon!)

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