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Saturday, June 4, 2011

KFC, I Give You Props!

Yep. I'm singing praises to world-famous chicken extraordinaire, Kentucky Fried Chicken. At least for the one that is right up the street from us. And believe me, I don't do this with ANY business that often. Even the grocery chain my husband works for. That should say something.

Earlier in the day, I decided to get myself and the kiddies out of the house. It was not too hot at that point. And I needed to go to Kmart to shop for a birthday and then to our family-owned (no, not MY family, silly!), local-based pet shop. Seeing as I don't drive, Kmart and that pet store, which I DO favor over PetSmart, are the closest for me to walk to. And actually, I favor walking over driving, in all honesty.

We were all hungry (okay, three of the four, seeing as my son whined per usual about where we are going) and so I suggested going to KFC first and chow down. Which is exactly what we did.

I placed my order with a new lackey trainee (unbeknown to me until AFTER the fact, mind you). Simply it was TWO number sevens, a KIDS popcorn chicken meal and an order of mac and cheese with a small drink on the side.

Well, I don't know if their day before we planted our butts in the seats was just short of shitty in having customer relations. But when the (REALLY) nice lady said it will be a few minutes to FRESHLY cook our number seven meat and the popcorn chicken, for our trouble, she *THREW IN FOR FREE* an order of chicken strips, a large order of potato wedges (three small orders in one) and a couple of FREE single serve mashed taters.

To say I was beside myself I think was an understatement. In fact, it's a wonder I didn't hear "ka-ching!" as my mouth dropped to the floor like a fast-opening cash drawer.

Maybe it's because I didn't go all postal over the fact that we had to do this thing in life called "wait" for our food as it was being *freshly* prepared. Or was it because I didn't go off like a half-cocked bitch because the "newbie" messed up and instead placed the order as a *FAMILY SIZE* popcorn chicken, and NOT a "Kids Meal" (in which the lady gave me back the *DIFFERENCE* of price for on her own!)? Either way, I was (more than) pleasantly surprised.

I have had some pretty low-down and crappy service in my time at different venues. And I have had five-star service inside of two-star places. But today, Kentucky Fried Chicken here up the street from me *REALLY* pulled out all the stops and totally won me over.

Especially the one lady. She never got huffy, rolled her eyes, or even "debated" with me over ANYTHING. She quickly and proficiently corrected my order, gave me back money I was due, apologized and ensured that my family's dining experience was well worth the visit.

And it was.

1 comment:

Eschelle said...

i can't stand KFC, they're cruel to the chickens they use, the last time i was there they tried to charge us an extra 20.00 on our order... not impressed....

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