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Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Week it Was!! Vacation, redecorating and partying...Oh My!!

It was nice. It was not-so-nice. It was everything in between. It was my husband's first of three week's worth of vacation time for this year.

We had fun spending time alone. For the most part. He did A LOT of work both inside, as well as outside the house. Mainly painting the living room, the dining area and the bathroom. As well as placing border up in all three of said rooms as well. We did a "Rustic Country" theme in the living room area. Then, a "Country Modern" type theme in the dining area. We then went "all out" in the bathroom with the Lighthouses theme. It was started months ago with a bath mat and outside shower curtain....Now we got the rest of it done.

How? By spending more money than we REALLY wanted too! The cost of the three rolls of border and the coordinating paint came to a whopping $162.00 freaking bucks!! The paint was only like 40. But the border did us in, being we had to go to a Specialty shop.

Then, we went and bought some flowers for the back yard, as well as noticed that some of our Perennial flowers have sprung alive again (like the one by my basement foyer area).

Sure there were some arguments and spats. What else would you think would happen to a couple stuck together 24/7 for a whole week. Add in a kid's birthday party and it can be so stressful that the Devil himself would stay away. Especially being that I have been PMSing and just HAD TO "start" the day of my son's party.

Plus toss in getting his gift that we had to hunt down, getting the last minute stuff for it, setting it up, seeing that basically almost no one showed that was invited from both family and friends from school that were invited to attend (note to self...only invite the ONE and only kid from school that showed up out of 12 invited next year and any other CLOSE buddies of his).

Yep, it was a wild ride to say the least.

Here are a few pics from the past week....Party and home.

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