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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*COPY* Of My NEWEST letter to the Gov. of Virgina

April 20, 2010

Dear Gov. McDonnell,

Once before, I had written to you personally to ask that you help me, my son, our family and other families like ours in the fight to place Vyvanse back on the Medicaid's list of available options to treat mental disorders (written on Feb. 5th, 2010). I had received a "round about" reply, and to be honest, it hurt me, thinking that maybe you didn't really care as to what your Virginia Citizens had to say.

But, just a moment ago, I had read an article, via the Roanoke Times (  that indeed you wish to fight FOR our families, not against us. And for that I do thank you.

I can only hope that you, sir took my words in to consideration as to your decision to fight for medications to help treat mental illnesses and disorders placed on (or back on) to Medicaid's Preferred Drug/Drug Availability/Coverage List.

Now, I am begging, not just asking, Mr. Governor, that you take this fight all the way. Do NOT stop. To stop is to fail. Not only yourself or this state. But you would be failing my son and countless other children that require Drug Therapy to help them lead a more "normal" life outside of their mental illness/disorder/disability.

I'm not scared to go up against "professionals" who feel that withholding services from my son is alright. I would take on the Government if I had to myself. My life has been too much filled with adversity from the start for me to back down now. Not for myself. Not for my children.

Please, Mr. McDonnell, give our children the best chance at a good life. Make it easier for me, and other parents to be able to go to the Pharmacy without having to fight for THREE WEEKS between them and Medicaid just to get our children's medicine. No child should have to go that length of time WITHOUT their medication because insurance decided it is in THEIR best interest to no longer cover that medication in their Drug Coverage Plan for it's consumers.

I've now got a renewed faith in you, Governor McDonnell. Please know that I will back you 100%. But I want to see you do your part. I know that you received much flack from us parents (primarily mothers) for letting Medicaid take advantage and in the end, disadvantage our children. I can only hope that WE were your driving force for going up against Medicaid.

Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. Governor. And thank you, from a mom with a very special little guy.


Melissa A. Cowart (Lynchburg, Virginia)

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Shell said...

I hope that he listens.

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