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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Information Sheds New & Disturbing Light On Killer & Her Victim.

All I can say is this....DISGUSTING!

How can ANYONE, be it a man or a *woman* do such horrific and horrendous things to a child?

Many people have already heard the story of the former Sunday School Teacher, Melissa Huckaby. She raped, tortured, and killed eight-year-old Sandra Cantu. Only to stuff the girl's lifeless body in to a suitcase and throw her in to an irrigation pond.

Now, Melissa Huckaby is trying her best to try and seemingly "get out of" and is trying to explain away her actions.

Of course, she is using the classic "I was raped as a child" and the "I had a rough childhood" excuses to try and gain sympathy.

To read more just click HERE.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy, nor compassion for this woman. What she had done to Sandra, who was her daughter's friend and playmate, and what she did AFTER killing the child out of guilt was nothing but showing how calculated and callous the woman TRULY is.

This is one case of Prison Without Possibility Of Parole I say I *do* like. Normally, I would say death penalty. But for some reason, I get more satisfaction in knowing that Ms. Huckaby will be forced to sit and think for the rest of her days, of the things she did to that poor, INNOCENT girl and knowing the guilt will rot her inside more so than the rotting inside a prison cell.

"Macabre", in my eyes doesn't even begin to describe the acts of torture this woman had performed against Sandra. Melissa Huckaby by all counts ranks right up there with the devil himself when it comes to evilness.


Dez said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine the pain that poor little girl suffered. Those are totally lame excuses to hurt anyone! We've all had it rough but we don't lash out and hurt another person, much less attack a child. So, so sad.

Vicky said...

This "person" is evil and the death penalty is to good for her! A crime against a child is not something other inmates appreciate. Her life will be a living he** as long as no one in prison takes matters into their own hands.

The murder of anyone is horrible but to murder a child is a special kind of evil. Life without parole is warranted and death is too easy.

In3Dee said...

That is beyond horrible. Somehow, I don't think people who are capable of those things can feel guilt or remorse. That's why capital punishment is nice.

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