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Friday, July 23, 2010

New FACEBOOK *group* for Blogger bloggers.

Howdy everyone! I hope that your TGIF is a fab one this morning. It's gonna be a scorcher in my area, so it's certainly A/C weather!

Just a bit ago, I had started a NEW group over at Facebook for us Blogger blog authors. It's aptly named 'Blogger Blog Buddies Connections'.

Here is the description in regards to the new group...

"If you are a Blogger Blog Site author, and you wish to connect with other Blogger users/writers, then come on in!

Share your blog entries, find new blogs to follow, gain new readers/followers, give tips and help one another with the technical aspects of Blogger.

Best of all, gain new friends!"

But!! Yes, there is a 'but' in here. There IS a small clause which happens to be in the group's Recent News section, and it reads as follows...

"Be sure to add a small description about your post link in the post's status area.

Also, WARN OTHERS if there is adult-content within your post.

***ALL SUBJECT MATTER*** is excepted here. But we will not permit 'bashing' one another's religion, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality inside the group's walls.

If you wish to do so within YOUR BLOG posts, then that is on you. But no attacking within the group. And please REFRAIN from posting *THOSE TYPES* of blog posts within the group. "

So, now that you get the gist of what Blogger Blog Buddies Connections is all about, and you feel it's the 'fit' for you and your blog, then feel free, as a FACEBOOK member, to come join us.


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