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Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 Days of Christmas (Day 9, 10 & 11)

Yes, I have three days in one post to do for the "25 Days Of Christmas" series, seeing as I have been WAY too busy to get anything done this past week.

First up, Day 9...More Christmas Decorating; The Outdoors Edition. In pictures mind you.

                  The newest edition (up to that point) was the Skiing Santa.

                      Yes, his arms REALLY DO move as if he really is skiing!

                        Meet our newest and latest edition to the Yard Deco Family...18 Ft. Frosty the Snowman!

Now, for "Day 10"... "Christmas" (Holiday/Winter) Party Planning... Wanna Trade Places?

School. The place where young minds go to learn and grow socially. And a place for a Room Mother to dread planning parties for twenty-two children aging between five and six years old.

Yep, that time again to plan another party. We have to call it Winter Holiday party of course, seeing we HAVE TO BE all PC about it.

And let me tell ya right here and now, I have some of the BEST parents to work with this year. In the three years since moving to this school and taking responsibility as "Head Parent" in the classrooms of my kids, I have NEVER seen as much devotion to and willingness to help and support myself and the kids in the class as I have in Skyler's Kindergarten classroom.

We're going to have craft time, Christmas music, all kinds of goodies to eat, pass out Christmas cards and presents, and goody bags filled with candy and trinkets. These kids are going to have a WONDERFUL time. I'd say that this will be  one of the best parties I have ever put together or have seen for a classroom to have.

Last, but most certainly NOT least..."Day 11", A TRUE Christmas Miracle.

As many of my FaceBook Friends know, we in our area have been passing around and getting other friends from all over the USA to share an Amber Alert about 12-year-old Brittney Smith. Her mother was found dead in their home, and that the live-in boyfriend who is 32, took Brittney and ran off.

For a week, there has been a nation-wide manhunt for Jeff Easley and his hostage, Brittney. They were last seen on a WalMart video surveillance tape leaving the store with a ton of groceries and a tent that was purchased with Tina Smith's (mom) credit card.

Last night, it was reported that Brittney Smith was FOUND, as was Jeff Easley. Best of all, she is ALIVE and to the furthest of knowing, doing well and doesn't look to be injured. They were spotted by a store clerk over 2,700 miles away from here, in San Francisco.

Not many children are lucky to be found alive and unharmed. Being just two weeks shy of Christmas, this is truly a Christmas Miracle.

Welcome home, Brittney! It's good that you can be home and be here for your mother's funeral. I'm very sorry for your loss. Losing your brother was horrible enough.

My thoughts and prayers are with Brittney and her grandmother, who apparently will be the one taking her in, after the loss of HER only child.



djpr said...

Wow sweetie, you have been busy! The yard looks amazing! So much stuffies, and the skiing Santa is just too freakin cute!

I used to love the school parties for the youngling, they're always SO excited so even when it's a ton of work it's so worth it when they finally get to enjoy their party!

That's truly a miracle about little Brittney, poor thing must have been terrified and so confused about everything that was happening. Thankfully she'll be safe and sound now. In the spirit of Christmas, I won't say what I'd like to do to that guy....grrr.

I hope that you dear will have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your party with the kids that I'm sure will be awesome and get some rest!

<3 Donna

Klove said...

You're house looks fantastic. It's so good to hear about Britney...I've been reading about it on CNN. True miracle. XOXO

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