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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friend In Need Of Support...And A Gripe On Behalf Of Hubby

First of all, a dear friend of mine that I have known since the CafeMom days (like 3 YEARS now!) is in need of some mondo support, prayers and good thoughts/vibes.

Her name is Angel and she also blogs. Feel free to check her out over at Angel Believes.

This morning, I had read a post that she made last night. It is speaking about one of her sisters. Apparently, doctors had found a suspicious mass within her head, that has been causing severe migraines. Now, the sister must undergo a battery of tests to see if it has entered the brain cavity and if it's the dreaded "C-word",from there, then do what is needed.

So, I am asking you all to PLEASE go over and give her some words of encouragement and support.

Now (!!*WARNING*!! Strong Language Ahead!)...

Over on FaceBook, I am a 'fan' of Kroger. For one thing, I am a *former* employee. Two, my husband is still an employee. Three, thanks to his hard work and dedication, we get a discount on ALL Kroger products along with the current sale price. Four, I just love shopping there.

Lately, I have seen some real Scrooges over on the Wall and within the Kroger page's Discussion Board. Some "now former" and disgruntled "current" shoppers of the retail chain have been real assholes. No lie!

I'm tired of seeing one post over there after another blaming Management and the employees for every single damn thing that goes wrong. Including product weight changes, Gift Card Policy, other Return Policy rules and even store remodeling.

Come on, people!!! THINK before you start jabbering your jaws (more like fingers if on the computer) and bitching about things in the WRONG manner. Honestly it will get you NOWHERE with Management or Sale Floor/Department employees. It just makes you look like a jackass.

When it comes to what is sent, versus what is left out, that is NOT Management or employee fault...That is WAREHOUSE idiots. And when it is NATIONAL Brand, please, do NOT complain and bitch out the STORE employees. That has to be taken up with the National Product Vendor for THAT item!

Remodels...NOT IN EMPLOYEE/MANAGEMENT control, either. That is CORPORATE level.

Return/GIFT CARD Policy...Corporate's rules. NOT store-level things.

Also, I can personally tell you, as a *former* employee of Kroger and of other retail chains in my years, if you bitch, nag, gripe, cuss out and yell at the employees or Management Team, you will get NOWHERE. They will tell you that they will contact Corporate and whatever else needed to as to shut you the hell up.

Why? Because you were RUDE. And we are HUMAN just like those that come in the store. And like YOU, us "lackeys" have feelings and they CAN and often DO get hurt because some asswipe decided that acting like a spoiled little brat would get them what they want.


When you as a customer talk calmly, civilly and in an adult-like manner, we (employees and Management alike) are MORE than willing to listen, be attentive, and are more able to HELP resolve your issue.

Even with Product Vendors. We can RELAY messages or even CALL THEM personally right then and there to see what can be done with the problem at hand.

It's all in how the CUSTOMER chooses to interact with the store's employees.

In a nutshell, the moral of the story is...

Retail employees and their Management Team have NO control with what CORPORATE level says (that includes Zone Managers). And they EXPECT to be treated with RESPECT and with KINDNESS. Just like you, the CUSTOMER expects to be treated.

After all, my husband is a hard working family man in retail who is only like everyone else in this country, trying to provide for his family, has feelings and is a hard worker who is only doing what he is told to do.

The End.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, it's really nice of you to spread the word and stir up some love for her! xo

Vic said...

get em tiger....rawwwrrr....! on a much needed request I will be wishing your friend a positive outcome and as always praying for those who need. Love that about always take time out to give love to others: very beautiful! enjoy the weekend...relax and have a drink! {of some sort}:)

Megan said...

I hadn't read Angel's post yet, so thanks for directing me towards it. And that sucks about Kroger's facebook page - I don't live in a state that has those stores, but I know how quickly things can take a negative turn online! But they can just as quickly swing back the other way, and hopefully soon everyone will get into the holiday spirit and start showing love to employees!

Diana said...

Oh honey I will say a prayer for your friend Angel. I will hop on over there in a bit.
About the Kroger thing, Do you feel better now that you've gotten that off of your chest? You did very well explaining. It is a crazy time of the year. I'm on your side!!
Love Di ♥

Dave said...

I hope, a few days later, things are getting better. I'll keep her in my thoughts.

As to retail stuff, it's actually not just retail. Even in my job, how you treat me will go a long way to determining how much effort I put into helping you.

If you're really nice and cool when you've got a problem, I'll probably try to do everything within my power to help.

If you're rude, then I may try, but I'm not going to pass along much sympathy when I'm trying to solve your problem (if it involves talking to other people).

And I'm certainly not going to try and bend a rule in order to help you, which I might do if you're nice about it (or if your situation is really bad).

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