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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Angel In Disguise. (I have this friend...)

And she "gets" me. To a tee.

True, we are about ten years apart in age. She has all boys. I have two girls, and a boy in the middle (poor kid!). Her marriage to her husband has been longer than mine. And only one of her kids happen to be around the same age of my oldest two.

But we do have some things in common. One of them being that we both have sons with Special Needs. They are both deemed Bipolar (although due to my son's age, its aptly called 'Mood Disorder'). Plus my son has Tourette's tendencies (primarily the severe tics, pulling/twirling of hair, but no foul language spewing), OCD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and Manic Depression.

There are days where either one of us or even both of us are having one of those "crap-tastic" days with our boys. Add in the other two kids and it's a six-ring circus (because three rings wouldn't even BEGIN to cover it!). And we will end up venting to one another via the phone or on Instant Message on Facebook (though I do wish she would YIM instead...FB IM sucks!).

She is a Christian, but not overly Conservative. I myself am a Spiritual-Christian. She and I have many of the same thoughts and views on the subject. We do see differently on a few Christian subjects. But, that's what makes our conversations about it so nice.

We also both know how it is having to deal with the Manic Episodes, the nights where the boys get barely to no sleep because their brains just can't seem to unwind, even WITH their medicine (which they are both on the same nighttime medicine), the anger flare-ups, the high's and low's of emotional state when the Mania is taking over...The list is long and seemingly never ending.

Funny how angels just swoop down in to your life in the most surprising of ways. There were times that I utterly felt alone and isolated from the world. That no one will understand me, my struggles...or my son.

Then along came that angel. We "met" via a website for moms. And we instantly clicked. Since that day, we have been tighter than two over-grown sardines stuffed in a can.

What can I say? She is truly one of a kind. She knows me. She knows how I feel, what I am thinking and why. She is the jelly to my PB&J.

She is angel.


Unknown said...

Ahh dagnabbit Missy you are ruining my mean rep lol.. How can I pull of the I will whoop ya in a heart beat ty so much now I feel the ice cracking darnit gotta go stand in the freezer... get it back to the ice cube I truly have NOT lol..

Hollis Fam said...

She sure is pretty "angelic". hehe Love both you ladies!

Timberwolf123 said...

It's always nice to find someone who understands us. We're all such complex human beings that to find kindred spirits is a true blessing.



Beth Chapman said...

Melissa - beautiful tribute to your friend and I think more importantly to yourself. Angels are for promise, and your inspiration is a promise to all of us. I truly bow to you.

Canyn said...

I had a friend like that when my daughter was little. I had to move away from her and I miss her every day. She was there through a very dark time in my life, though. An angel friend is more like a spiritual sister than a friend, God Bless you both.

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