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Monday, January 31, 2011

It Was A 'Pay It Forward' kind of evening

They say that Angels walk among us. They are hidden within society, not showing their wings, as to blend in. They show mercy, love and kindness. Some are our Guardian Angels, sent here to be with us, help guide us and to protect us.

I truly believe we have met an "Angel in Disguise"...

Last night, hubby and I decided to take the kids out for dinner. He was in the mood for Wendy's (seeing as what he is REALLY in the mood for, he can't have at the moment, so something else HAS TO take its place).

After a good, long wait, being that for some reason, the place was packed and the line long (on a SUNDAY night), we finally made it up to the counter to give the Cashier our order.

Between the meal combos and the Frosties (can't leave without having a Frosty!)the bill racked up to almost forty dollars (within a few cents!).

Scott whipped out the trusty Check Card and proceeded to hand it to the lady behind the counter, only to be told to put his card back in to his wallet.

After giving the woman a puzzled look, she said "someone already paid for your order" and then secretively-like told Scott it was the "lady ahead of you in the pink shirt".

By that time, I'd already sat the kids down at a table. He came to me and explained all that transpired and I was just flabbergasted, to say the least. So, as the "Lady In Pink" was sitting at a booth, awaiting her order, I sauntered over and thanked her for her sincere kindness.

Being that my poor cell phone was about to die, I had enough umph in it to post a text to my FaceBook about it. When I got home, I was surprised at how many "liked" or replied to my post. Especially those that were shocked that there are still people out there that love others enough, even strangers, to do "random acts of kindness".

But like I later stated on another Status I had done, the kindness of strangers still amazes me, but doesn't truly surprise me. I know that they are still out there, though in now a rare breed.

And like I said, blessed are the meek. This woman and her generous heart had taught my children something that no school, nor even I as a parent talking about it could ever teach them. They witnessed what I have told them about "love thy neighbor and do unto others as you wish to have done unto you".

They know (well, at least the two older ones do) that eventually, and as a family mind you, we intend to "pay it forward" to a fellow stranger. Be it at a restaurant, at the gas station or even the grocery store.

And after what I'd been witness to and on the receiving end of, it took me back to the movie starring Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt aptly named "Pay It Forward", where a teacher who is scarred from a fire has his class do a project of doing a good deed for someone, then in turn that person does a good deed for another. Then that person goes and also does a good deed, and so on. The stipulation? The receiver MUST follow through and "pay it forward" with an act of kindness towards another. Be it a stranger or a friend or family member.

With that all said, I *CHALLENGE* all of my readers who are reading this post to go out and "PAY IT FORWARD". And it does NOT have to be with buying something or paying for something for another person. Just as long as it's a random act of kindness.


Glamm Girrl said...

This is a wonderful post! I know that God has placed his angels here to help us and every now and then, if we open our eyes we can see them! What a wonderful lesson for your children to be witness to and learn from! I like your idea and will take your challenge! Happy blogging!

Hollis Fam said...

Great post sis, as usual. :)

Adoption of Jane said...

Nice!! Great inspiring post!

Alida Sharp said...

I am always amazed that there are still kind people out there... great post!

Shay said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I am SO GLAD I DID! I love hearing stories like these- sometimes I really fear that there is no good left in the world but special angels like this woman remind me. Pay it Forward is one of my favorite movies, I love it!

Thanks again for sharing!

Cherie@Accessoire said...

Great reminder to be on the lookout to "pay it forward". You never know who you are helping, maybe they are the angel! Found you at Magical Monday and so glad that I did.


Morgan said...

This is so inspiring, random acts of kindness are what makes the day and your spirit that much brighter!

Ross said...

What an amazing post! I agree in that it teaches our kids in a way no school ever could. I accept your challenge, and I'm going to raise it a level. I've decided that I will pay it forward not only once but in some way for the next 30 days! I like your site and plan on following it.

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